Mohini Lutchman, PhD

Mohini Lutchman
Online Prerequisites for the Health Professions

Dr. Lutchman is a neuroscientist and cancer biologist by training. She obtained a PhD in Human Anatomy (Hons) University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK, and followed this with an MSc in Neuroscience, King’s College London, UK, and a PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 

Following her PhD, she initially spent 5 years at Tufts University School of Medicine conducting postdoctoral research in cancer biology and the last 13 years at Harvard Medical School advancing her research program in cancer genetics, cancer cell signaling, and proteomics.

In parallel with research, Dr. Lutchman has been involved in teaching first- and second-year medical students anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and human system and behavior at Harvard Medical School. During the course of eight years of teaching at Harvard Medical School in the New Pathway and Harvard-MIT Science and Technology programs, she has obtained five awards for anatomy, one for physiology teaching, one nomination for the Harvard Medical School Faculty Excellence in Teaching, and two nominations for the Donald O’Hara Award for Teaching Excellence (2011 and 2015).

She currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab Courses online for the MGH IHP Prerequisites for the Health Professions Program.

She is also a senior mentor and fellow of the Holmes Academic Society where she mentors undergraduate medical /dental students throughout their training. For this she has been nominated for the Harvard Medical School Diversity Dean’s Young Mentor Award. In addition, she has taught Anatomy and Pathophysiology to graduate students and is currently assisting in helping develop a Neuroanatomy module for HarvardX/EdX Program.

For the last few years, during the spring and summer terms, she has been teaching anatomy in the Simmons College Physical Therapy, MGH Institute Physical Therapy and Spaulding/MGH Physical Rehabilitation/Physiatry programs in parallel with an ongoing research commitment in imaging translational research at MGH Wellman Center for Photomedicine. In 2015 Dr. Lutchman was awarded the Partners in Excellence Award.

Dr. Lutchman grew up in a large family with parents who were lifetime educators. This helped to nurture her role in the classroom as being a mentor. She helps students to learn as a group and encourages them to help each other to achieve higher levels of understanding and scholarly research. To this end, she recently became a member of the Harvard Medical School Academy where she engages in Medical Education activities.

Her teaching philosophy is to facilitate learning in a collegial manner, since she believes that a genius in isolation will achieve far less than an inspired group of scholars.

Research Interests

Dr. Lutchman's research interests include cancer genetics, cancer cell signaling, and proteomics.


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BSc, Human Anatomy, Aberdeen University Scotland, UK
Certificate of Further and Adult Education, City and Guilds of London Institute, UK
MSc, Neuroscience, London University, King's College, UK
PhD Neuroscience/Cancer Genetics McGill University , Montreal, Canada

Curriculum Vitae