Maureen Flynn, MS, CGC, MPH

Maureen Flynn, MS, CGC, MPH
Associate Professor, Program Director
Genetic Counseling
(617) 643-1917
Office Location: 
Shouse - 211

Maureen Flynn, MS, CGC, MPH, is Associate Professor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Program Director of the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program at the MGH Institute. Ms. Flynn worked as a clinical genetic counselor for over 14 years, working in prenatal, pediatric, adult, Huntington disease, and oncology clinics; her most recent experience was as a cancer genetic counselor at the MGH Center for Cancer Risk Assessment.

Prior to her arrival at the Institute, she worked at Boston University School of Medicine for more than 13 years, helping to develop the MS Genetic Counseling program and serving as the Associate Program Director. She has served on multiple subcommittees and working groups of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) and the Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors (AGCPD). She was a member of the NSGC Public Policy Committee, NSGC Ethics Advisory Group, and AGCPD Nominating Committee.

Research Interests

Ms. Flynn's research interests include genetic counseling and testing in the oncology setting, health and socioeconomic disparities, health policy, return of results in a research setting, genetic counseling education, and direct-to-consumer genetic testing and outcomes.


BS, Cell & Structural Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS, Medical Genetics (Genetic Counseling), University of Wisconsin-Madison
MPH, Health Law, Boston University School of Public Health


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