Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership Award

About this Award

The Office of the President each year presents the JEDI Leadership Award given to an individual faculty or staff member or group consisting of faculty and/or staff members who exemplify sustained JEDI leadership. Examples of JEDI leadership include, but are not limited to demonstrating a long-standing record of: mentoring marginalized and minoritized students, supporting their peers and colleagues in engaging JEDI issues as well as those who experience marginalization, conducting research on equity and social justice issues and application of this research in their teaching, facilitating programming for the staff community related to JEDI issues, and contributions in their disciplines or working with communities beyond the IHP on equity and social justice. 

The award will be announced and presented at Faculty Convocation. The awardee will be presented with a financial token of appreciation and a commemorative plaque.

Purpose of the Award

To honor a distinguished Institute faculty or staff member who a sustained commitment to justice, equity, and inclusion at our institution and beyond.


  • Holds a faculty or staff appointment of at least 0.5 FTE
  • Has not received the award previously
  • Nominations will stay active for three years


A committee comprised of representatives from the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and Human Resources will evaluate the nominees’ qualifications for evidence of: 

  • Exhibits a strong and sustained commitment to equity and social justice
  • Reputation as a source of support and mentorship for students, faculty, and staff about JEDI issues
  • Regarded by colleagues as an expert on equity and social justice


All Institute faculty, staff, students, and alumni are eligible to nominate a member of the IHP faculty and staff for this award. Please assemble the following items into a single ELECTRONIC packet and email it to the Office of the Provost by April 15:

  1. Nominee’s CV
  2. A description of how the candidate meets the selection criteria for the award).