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Insight into Identities newsletters are a system-wide learning initiative dedicated to exploring aspects of human difference. They are designed for staff to further understand how diversity and inclusion expands our ability to effectively work with others and improves patient care. The newsletter contains various forms of media, discussion questions, and statistics about that month’s identity for your consideration.

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Insight into Identities Series 2 explores secondary dimensions of identities: identities that are present in a wide variety of identities covered in series 1 e.g. race and gender. These identities are often referred to second dimension identities on diversity wheel diagrams. Our hope as you read Insight into Identities Series 2 is to not only provide a learning experience  but to foster personal reflection, conversation with colleagues about how issues of identity impact the care we provide our patients, and how we can create system-wide change that promotes health equity. 

  • June 2020  - Class/Socioeconomic Status
  • August 2020 - Geographic Location 
  • October 2020 - Politics 
  • December 2020 - Family Status 
  • February 2021 - Education 
  • April 2021 - Professional Identity