The Importance of Networking for Job Search

Webinar "Networking your way to the job: effective job search strategies"

View our recent 50-minute webinar on "Networking your way to the job: effective job search strategies."

The MGH Institute offers a variety of effective forums for networking activities:

  • The Alumni Networking Group – a LinkedIn group open to all current students and graduates. Current membership as of October 2013, is 1,159 members from around the country and the world. Jobs that specifically come in to the MGH Institute are posted here; events, announcements, and discussion are also posted.
  • The MGH IHP Career Services Group –  a group most relevant to current students or recent grads interested in keeping abreast of most recent tips and tactics to help with the job search. Jobs are posted here as well. The group discussions center around “Ask the career counselor” questions and answers, common FAQ’s, tips on resumes, cover letters, social media, and interviewing. This group is primarily intended for peer-to-peer advice and discussion.

Successful Networking: Why is it so effective and how do I do it?

Did you know that only 25% of jobs are ever advertised? The remaining 75% of jobs represent the "hidden job market." Networking generally fills these positions. Usually, companies will look to people within the organization (an “insider”) or to individuals who come recommended to them from people within the organization which, in turn, helps to decrease recruiting costs.

The new road map is Networking. More than a job search, this is a “people search” because it is a person who will be hiring you, not a company.

The sooner and more effectively you can connect with the employer’s network (where 75% jobs are hiding), the faster and more effectively you can be hired.

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