IMPACT Practice Core Competencies

To hold ourselves accountable to our mission of preparing students to advance care for a diverse society, the MGH Institute has developed a set of institutional core competencies. In addition to program-level competencies, all graduates of practice-based, entry-level programs will be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of mastery across six domains. Together, these domains will be called IMPACT Practice.




Commitment to ethical principles, humanism, accountability, and altruism.

Patient and client-centered care

Collaboration with the health care team in partnering with patients/clients and their families to meet health-related needs.


Exchange of information with and listening to patients, families, and members of the health care team.

Clinical decision making

Decision making based on open-minded analysis, deliberate thinking, and reflection that leads to appropriate action.

Systems-based practice

Awareness of the larger context of health care and the ability to promote changes that enhance the delivery of care.


Courage to influence change for the benefit of patients/clients, the health system, and the professions.


A new way to learn. A better way to deliver care.

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