IHP Research On Display

April 08, 2019
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MGH Institute of Health Professions researchers showcased their work at an April 8 event in the MGH Institute's Center for Health and Rehabilitation Research, located in Building 79/96 of the Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston. Attendees also enjoyed a live demonstration of motion-sensor lab equipment from the Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab.

Research Presentations

Kaila Stipancic, Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab, presented "Minimally Detectable Change and Minimal Clinically Important Difference of a Decline in Speech Intelligibility and Speaking Rate for Individuals with ALS."

Yi-Ling Kuo, Brain Recovery Lab, presented "Multimodal Assessment of Neurophysiology in Focal Dystonia."

Tiffany Hogan, SAiL Lab, presented "Predicting Second Grade Listening Comprehension Using Preschool Measures."

Joanna Christodoulou, BEAM Lab, presented "Reading After Hemispherectomy: Comparing Children's Reading Ability Relying on a Left or Right Hemisphere."

Lili Uchida, BEAM Lab, presented "Summertime Literacy Attitudes and Activities Among Vulnerable Readers."

Calais Larson, Cognitive Neuroscience Group, presented "The Effect of Feedback Validity on Learning in Children and Adults: An Electrophysiological Study."

Megan Peterson, Brain Recovery Lab, presented "A Pivotal Randomized Study Assessing Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) During Rehabilitation for Improved Upper Limb Motor Function After Stroke."

Megan Schliep, Cognitive Neuroscience Group, presented "Responsiveness to Cues as a Measure of Emerging Language Ability in Aphasia."

Jasmine Urquhart Gillis, Cognitive Neuroscience Group, presented "Artificial Grammar Learning in Two Modalities: How Do Children with DLD Perform?"

Noor Al Dahhan, BEAM Lab, presented "Examining the Variability in Executive Function Performance in Children with and without ADHD."

Jeanne Gallee, Cognitive Neuroscience Group, presented "Incorporating Strategy Training into Anomia Therapy for Aphasia."

Danielle Kline, Brain Recovery Lab, presented "Factors Associated with Arm Motor Recovery Rate Post-Stroke."