IHP Policy for all students, faculty and staff

- February 7, 2020​-

The MGH Institute continues to participate in the ongoing Partners HealthCare emergency preparedness response to implementing procedures and safeguards related to the Novel Coronavirus.

Guidance for training of students participating in clinical education placements in any Partners entity has been developed and is presented below. Students should discuss this guidance with their respective clinical instructor or preceptor the next time they are at a placement site.

Partners Guidance:

For 2019 nCoV patient care, Partners HealthCare is following CDC guidance to minimize exposure for health care workers, which strongly encourages minimizing the number of individuals in the patient’s room to essential personnel and considering dedicated personnel (to the extent possible).  All care team members must be trained on proper donning and doffing of the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE).  Given resources required to conduct PPE training, institutions should prioritize those members of the care team most essential and likely to encounter nCoV suspect or confirmed patients.  Trainees, including students, residents, and fellows in medical, nursing, and across the health professions, are not specifically excluded from participation in the care of nCoV suspected or confirmed patients, but in accordance with the guidance above, must be appropriately trained in PPE and must be necessary for care of the patient. 

The below link is a list of sites within Partners HealthCare:

Students who are participating in clinical education placements at sites outside of Partners should inquire from their clinical instructor or preceptor what Novel Coronavirus procedures and protocols have been implemented.

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