The IHP Frontline

-September 18, 2020-

The IHP Frontline

During the pandemic, America’s frontline workers have kept this country moving forward. From health care workers to teachers, from municipal employees to grocery store staff, so many people adjusted their roles and at times took on added risk to ensure that care continues, people are able to eat, vital community services continue, and children get the education they need. The list of people is long, and the services they provide are vital. They’re the quiet heroes, who often go unrecognized or sometimes are taken for granted.

Here at the IHP, as we complete the second week of fall classes, I want to recognize our IHP frontline. These are our colleagues who have shifted from working at home to the Navy Yard so we could open the doors of our amazing campus and once again hold labs and simulations. They have made it possible for our researchers to continue their vital work. Most importantly, these individuals have made it possible for our students to continue on with their academic studies. The list of individuals, our IHP frontline, is long and their contributions immeasurable.

These individuals have often radically changed their roles to ensure that the campus operates under the new Commit @ IHP requirements. They don masks all day and maintain social distancing, yet continue to greet everyone with a warm, albeit concealed, smile as we collectively confront the new realities of the world we live in.

I want to recognize and thank them all. I also have a request of you: please continue to thank them for their service whenever you think of it. It’s great to see the campus up and running, and we could not do it without them.

With appreciation,


IHP Communications

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