Dr. Leclerc is a healthcare executive, author, and entrepreneur. She and her colleagues developed a contemporary relational theory of leadership rooted in the essence of healthcare's complex and often chaotic environment. She and her colleagues also authored a book, Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare: Evolution of a Revolution to disseminate the theory along with practical solutions for the operationalization of this unique leadership approach.

Dr. Leclerc seeks to reveal what already exists within every healthcare team member and leader…excellence and professionalism.

  • PhD, Medical University of South Carolina
  • MSN, University of West Georgia
  • BSN, Medical University of South Carolina
  • RN, Geisinger Medical Center School of Nursing

Research Interests

Dr. Leclerc’s research focuses on healthcare leadership in practice and in academia. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Nursing Education and has published research in many peer-reviewed journals. 

Leclerc, L., McNabb, K., Thibodeaux, T., Campis, S., & Kennedy, K. (In-Press). Relational Leadership: A Contemporary and Evidence-Based Approach to Improve Nursing Work Environments. Nursing Management.

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