Emily Cook is currently a speech-language pathologist in a floating clinical role for Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. She provides assessment and treatment across the inpatient continuum of care, including acute rehab, long-term acute care, acute care, and skilled nursing settings. Emily has been with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network since 2014, working with both the adult and pediatric populations. Emily specializes in the management of patients with acquired cognitive-communication disorders including disorders of consciousness, language impairments, and dysphagia. She obtained her board certification in neurogenic communication disorders via the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences in 2021.

  • BS, Communication Disorders/Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Madison, WI
  • MS, Speech-Language Pathology, MGH Institute of Health Professions: Boston, MA


  • ASHA 2016: Treatment of Cognitive-Linguistic Impairments in Non-Neurologic Populations
  • ASHA 2018: Creating an Interprofessional Support Group for Caregivers of survivors of TBI
  • BIA-MA 2022: Treatment of Non-Fluent Aphasia in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting

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