Antoine Desjardins is a data scientist with the SPaN-AD Lab and the Speech & Feeding Disorders Lab. He has experience using data science and machine learning techniques to study various pathologies and their effect on speech.

  • Bachelor of Philosophy, Universite Paris Nanterre, Paris, France
  • Master of Science, Operations Research, Institut Polytechnique De Paris, Paris, France
  • Engineering Degree, École Des Ponts Paristech, Paris, France
  • NLP
  • ML
  • Blockchain
  • Operations Research 

Antoine's research focuses on pushing the edges of the consensus algorithm and mathematically drawing and proving the limits of Blockchain technologies. His team is creating an optimal algorithm that meets those limits for the use of the distributed computing community. Some titles are highlighted below. You can view a complete listing of Antoine's publications on Google Scholar. 

Leaderless consensus

Mandator and Sporades: Robust Wide-Area Consensus with Efficient Request Dissemination


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