HIV/AIDS Certificate of Completion for Registered Nurses

HIV/AIDS Certificate of Completion for Registered Nurses


Registered Nurses may earn a certificate of completion in HIV/AIDS care by completing three online courses in conjunction with any of the specialties that focus on adult clinical or as electives in other specialties, or by completing the three courses as a non-degree student. The courses are:

NH-817 Intro to HIV/AIDS: Epidemiology
NH-833 Pathophysiology & Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
NH-831 Prevention & Case Management of HIV/AIDS

Course of Study

Topics covered in depth through this three course series include epidemiology, infection control, cultural considerations in delivering care, pathophysiology, immunology, symptom management, case management, and HIV prevention. Currently the HIV/AIDS certificate is an option with our master's and doctoral degrees in nursing. No application is required as students simply complete the program by enrolling in graduate-level non-degree courses.

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