Improving Healthcare Delivery Across the Continuum

The school and degree programs are an expansion of the Institute’s academic profile and represent an alignment of clinical service delivery categories with leadership, informatics, education, and data.  Develop a set of skills and leadership abilities you can take and implement immediately into the workplace.

Health Professions Education

Our certificate, masters and PhD programs develop and strengthen student skills as educators and education scholars in settings across the health professions education spectrum.

About the Department

Data Analytics

Our masters program is at the cutting edge of Data Science and Analytics, applied to the healthcare sector. A fundamental understanding of how metrics are created, improved, and maintained is a vital function for any healthcare professional working today.

Health Administration

Our masters program includes exposure to topics such as health economics, human resources, record keeping, and operations, built around a framework of human-centered leadership, relationship building, and talent development. It is relevant to clinicians who want to augment their clinical role with leadership responsibilities as well as non-clinicians who want a career path accelerator.

Online Prerequisites

We provide students with the prerequisite content they need to succeed in graduate school and prepare for a career in healthcare. Students can take individual courses or enroll in our certificate program. The certificate program is designed for students who need to take or re-take most of their prerequisite courses; it offers one-on-one advising, tutoring, and other academic support services to support you along the journey to a career in the medical field.

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