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Health Insurance Information for Current Students

According to Massachusetts State Law and Institute policy, every institution of higher education shall require all students enrolled in a certificate, diploma or degree-granting program to participate in a qualifying student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage as defined in 114.6 CMR 3.05(2).

Students who are not Massachusetts residents who will complete ALL coursework online are not required to prove that they have insurance, but will need to complete the Health Insurance Waiver Form which provides a check-off verifying your online and out of state status.

Read more about the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance requirement.

You have 2 options to satisfy the Health Insurance requirement for the Institute:

Option 1:

Prove that you already have health insurance that meets the minimum State standards. 

You would do this by completing an insurance waiver which can be found at the University Health Plans Website.  Waivers are good for one insurance year (May 1 - April 30).  You must submit a new waiver by April 30 each year that you will be an IHP student for the upcoming insurance year. 

For any questions about coverage standards, Contact University Health Plans.

Option 2:

Enroll in the Institute’s Health Insurance plan

You will need to enroll for the 2022-2023 insurance year (May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023) during the month of April even if you do not plan on taking any classes in the Summer semester of 2022.  Enrollment deadline for 2022-2023 is May 1.  Once you are enrolled, you will be covered through April 30, 2023.  You would repeat this process in April of 2023 if you plan on continuing your studies after Spring of 2023.

All current students are billed for health insurance in the Summer term of each year.  By submitting a new waiver by May 1, this charge will be deleted.  Remember – If you do choose the Institute’s plan, you must re-enroll yourself each year by the May 1 enrollment deadline.  Billing does not mean that you are enrolled!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Without proof of coverage while you are enrolled at the Institute, your student record will be placed on hold and you will not be allowed to attend classes or register for any subsequent terms.  You will also be charged for the Institute’s Plan and will be responsible for the semester charge. (Remember – being billed does not mean that you are enrolled.  You must always enroll yourself according to the enrollment deadlines).

What happens after graduation?

Graduating students who are on the Institute's plan will end coverage based on the schedule below.  It is important to note that this is a student health plan, and COBRA options are not available.  If you need to obtain insurance coverage after your coverage end date for the Institute's plan, here are coverage options for recent graduates

  • January graduates - Coverage ends on December 31 of the previous year.
  • May Graduates - Coverage ends on April 30.
  • September Graduates - Coverage ends on August 31.


Review the information below to help you find health insurance to ensure that you have no gap in coverage. It may take you several weeks to complete the enrollment process, so begin your search now. You must purchase insurance in the state in which you will reside after graduation. Be advised that health insurance plans are regulated by state laws and not all state policies are the same.

If you plan to live in Massachusetts after graduation, you can get new coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector
The Health Connector can help you compare plans, get information, and choose the plan that's right for you. 
Through the Health Connector, you'll find:

  • Health insurance plans with benefits like prescription drugs and visits to the doctor or hospital.

  • Dental insurance plans

  • Ways to get help paying for health care: tax credits and low- or no-cost ConnectorCare plans.

If you plan to live outside of Massachusetts after graduation, visit
This website is managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. This online tool provides information on health insurance options throughout the United States.

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