Goals of the Physical Therapy Center for Clinical Education and Health Promotion

  1. Provide opportunities for students to gain important experience in screening/examination, intervention, clinical decision making, communication, cultural competence, and development of professional core values.
  2. Provide physical therapy services by screening for and direct treatment of impairments of the movement system that affect participation in daily life roles, as well as the need for prevention, health promotion, and wellness.
  3. Address health care disparities by promoting access to physical therapy services for individuals who have limited access to health care.
  4. Serve as a cost-effective model for experiential learning for students as a component of clinical education experiences.
  5. Provide an opportunity for applying clinical skills that is fully integrated within the physical therapy curriculum.
  6. Provide opportunities for interprofessional collaboration through direct client care and referral.
  7. Provide a source of data for clinical research.

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