Go Green Initiative

The MGH Institute is Going Green

go green frog

The MGH Institute is redoubling its efforts to make the campus community more environmentally conscious to reduce waste, reduce the Institute's carbon footprint, and improve efficiency.

We are committed to going green by integrating environmental practices across the Institute. As a health science community, we take seriously the effects of our environment on human health. By working together we can move towards being even more energy efficient.

The MGH Institute has been working on the following goals:

  • Having students do more of their coursework online rather than from printed pages;
  • Having faculty use course packs - compilations of articles, cases, textbook chapters - to take the place of textbooks or provide supplemental course readings;
  • Printing handouts on both sides of paper;
  • Informing students prior to class if handouts will be provided, allowing students to save notebook paper;
  • Capping dry erase markers to extend their life; and
  • Turning off lights and equipment after use. (See Earth Hour below)

What's New?

New coffee service was introduced with recycling options:

  • Fully compostable coffee cups that are lined with Polylactides (PLA) corn-based plastic.
  • Sip-through lids that are fully compostable and biodegradable made from cornstarch in the form of modified PLA.
  • Eating utensils that are 100% certified compostable • High-heat cutlery, withstands up to 185°F • made from cornstarch.
  • Coffee stirrers that are wooden not plastic.
  • Employee lounges/kitchens are equipped with coffee "pods" (not the K cup) which are compostable and picked up weekly.
  • Coffee packaging in student lounges is recyclable through the Energy-From-Waste Program. This process, in the end stage, produces water that is turned into steam and sent through a turbine that continuously generates electricity. Coffee packets are picked up weekly for this recycling program which provides:
    • Clean power
    • Less dependence on imported fuel
    • Net greenhouse gas reduction
    • A safe and effective solution for managing local trash generation

Whats the Biggest Benefit?

All of theses products turn back to soil in 12 weeks after use!

Additional initiatives will be announced during the upcoming academic year.