Celebrating 40 Years: Doctor of Nursing Practice

Forty for 40

When MGH Institute of Health Professions approached the 40th anniversary of its 1977 founding, it was obvious that every one of the school’s almost 7,200 graduates has a story to tell of how they are making a difference in the world of health care and beyond.

It’s about volunteering in underserved communities, conducting breakthrough research, developing pioneering innovative patient care delivery approaches, leading teams of health professionals.

It’s also about the myriad interactions with patients, clients, and their families—many of which go virtually unnoticed—that mark the impact of our alumni.

The speech-language pathologist helping a person with aphasia relearn how to speak or a pupil overcome reading difficulties. The registered nurse assisting a family whose loved one is gravely ill. The physical therapist urging a person recovering from a knee replacement to finish the day’s rehab by taking just one more step. The physician assistant developing a treatment strategy before a patient returns home. The occupational therapist showing an elderly person better ways to negotiate a new apartment. The nurse practitioner performing a check-up on a youngster or prescribing medicine to an adult.

To all our alumni and current students, we hope you see a little part of yourselves in these 40 profiles. So many of these successes are built on the MGH Institute’s commitment to excellence and interprofessional care. To our friends and supporters, we hope you gain a better understanding of how everyone in the IHP community is making a significant impact in the overall quality of life of patients in the communities in which we work and live.

As we celebrate our first 40 years throughout 2017 and look to the future, it’s clear the MGH Institute is poised to continue its mission of educating tomorrow’s health care leaders.

Featured Alumni in the DNP Program

Forty for 40

Stephanie Ahmed, DNP '08
School of Nursing

For the past several years, Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners President Stephanie Ahmed, DNP ’08, RN/NP, has lobbied the state’s Legislature to pass a bill that would improve overall patient care, greatly reduce the length of time it takes someone to see a medical professional, and potentially save billions of dollars in health care costs over the next decade. Full story.



Forty for 40

Joan Clifford, DNP ’16, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC
School of Nursing

Joan Clifford has spent her professional career caring for the country’s veterans. Full story.




Forty for 40

Kevin Whitney, DNP ’15
School of Nursing

Kevin Whitney recently was named the new Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Full story.






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