Forty for 40: Janet Callahan, PT, DPT ’13, MS ’00, NCS

May 23, 2017
Forty for 40

Janet Callahan already had developed a national reputation in vestibular rehabilitation by 2012 when she decided she wanted to help prepare the next generation of physical therapists and became an assistant professor at the MGH Institute.

“Teaching had become more and more of what I was doing, so it was a natural move to make,” said Dr. Callahan, who will retire from the IHP at the end of 2017.

She has received several awards during her 39-year career, including the Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology from the American Physical Therapy Association’s Neurology Section, the Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Practice award from the Massachusetts chapter of the APTA, and the Stephanie M. Macaluso, RN, Excellence in Clinical Practice Award from Massachusetts General Hospital, where she was a clinical specialist responsible for mentoring and educating therapists involved in neurologic practice, and a consulting member of the Partners Dystonia Clinic and Movement Disorders groups.