Forty for 40: Amanda Hitchins Lee, SLP '12

April 14, 2017
Amanda Hitchens with children

Amanda Hitchins Lee is showing how a small amount of money can make a huge impact.

Two years after graduating in 2012 with speech-language pathology degree, she used $2,000 in donations to build the first soundproof auditory testing room in the eastern section of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hitchins Lee was presented the MGH Institute’s Emerging Leading Alumni Award in 2015 for her work at the Centre for Education and Community Based Rehabilitation, a nonprofit residential school that serves developmentally and physically challenged students.

Her efforts did not end with the soundproof room. She is continuing her fundraising efforts, and is planning to return in 2018 with other health care professionals – including IHP School of Nursing Assistant Professor Antonia Makosky ’97, ’15 - to provide running water and construct an accessible bathroom at the school.