Room Assignments

For those classes meeting onsite, you will find your room assignments using your IONLINE account by clicking "My Class Schedule" on your main menu. Please note the following when requesting additional space:

  • All requests for academic (course related) teaching space must go through the Registrar's Office and not Campus Services. The only requests that go to Campus Services are those for non-course-related meetings*. Requests for teaching space will be filled in as timely a manner as possible.  

    The Registrar's Office handles all room requests for anything related to courses being taught at the Institute. When requesting changes or additional space, please include the course number and all other pertinent information. We require this information when booking space for classes.

    It is best not to wait until the last minute to reserve any extra space. If you need additional space for your class, please email

  • The Registrar's Office does not manage the physical set up of rooms. Contact: 
  • If you are regularly scheduled for a room throughout the semester and know that you will not use it for all dates, please let the Registrar know dates that the room will be open. Space is at a premium now and we need to have the most accurate representation of how our space is being used. 

    Also, please do not occupy a space that you have not cleared with the Registrar's Office. For emergency purposes, we must know where all students are when they are onsite taking a class. 

  • If you are assigned to rooms outside of Building 36 but still within the Navy Yard, please make sure that you coordinate with police and security for any special access that may be needed. Also, it is a given that you will leave these rooms in excellent condition on exit.

Room Assignments for Final Exams

Requests for space for final exams go to your program managers. Program Managers will forward this information to the Registrar around mid-semester and rooms will be assigned by the Registrar's Office at that point. A schedule of finals will also be posted on the Web site once all rooms have been assigned.

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