This is a list by area of interest of MGH Institute faculty who are available to mentor other faculty.

Area of Interest

Faculty Mentors

Clinical Education

Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Lesley Maxwell: CSD*

Health Disparities

Patrice Nicholas: Nursing


Clinical Outcomes

Janet Callahan: PT*, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Janet Kneiss: PT, Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Health Policy

Patrice Nicholas: Nursing

Qualitative Research

Lynn Foord: Interprofessional Studies, Janice Goodman: Nursing, Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Curriculum Development

Regina Doherty: OT*, Lynn Foord: Interprofessional Studies, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Pam Levangie: PT, Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Health Promotion

Janice Goodman: Nursing

Quality Improvement

Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD

Infectious Disease

Inge Corless: Nursing, Patrice Nicholas: Nursing


Janet Callahan: PT, Regina Doherty: OT, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD,  Janet Kneiss: PT


Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD
Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Interprofessional Education

Regina Doherty: OT, Lynn Foord: Interprofessional Studies, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Reproductive Health

Janice Goodman: Nursing

End of Life Care

Inge Corless: Nursing

Low English Proficiency Patients

Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Lesley Maxwell: CSD

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Regina Doherty: OT, Lynn Foord: Interprofessional Studies, Janice Goodman: Nursing, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Lesley Maxwell: CSD


Low-Resource Environments


Maternal Child Health;
Mind Body

Janice Goodman: Nursing

Women's Health

Janice Goodman: Nursing

Global Health

Inge Corless: Nursing, Alex Johnson: Provost/CSD, Patrice Nicholas: Nursing

Mental Health

Janice Goodman: Nursing

General Mentorship


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