Faculty Development Day: January 7, 2015

  1. Visually Mapping Your Course
    a. Video of Presentation
    b. Presentation Slides (PDF)
    c. Handouts
         i. Course Overview – organized by a method of organization
         ii. Course Overview – organized by topic
         iii. Course Overview – organized by week
  2. Exploring D2L Essentials
    a. Presentation Slides (PDF)
  3. Strategies for Creating Effective Teams in Team-Based Learning
    a. Presentation Slides (PDF)
  4. Lunch Bites – Video of Presentation
    a. The One Best Technology Tool for Teaching – Presentation Slides (PDF)
    b. Putting the SmartBoard to Work in your Classroom – Video from Presentation
    c. Database Docent: Customized LibGuides for Your Courses – Presentation Slides (PDF)
  5. Adapting the Community Exchange Model to Graduate Health Professions Education
    a. Presentation Slides (PDF)
  6. Puzzled about Jigsaw
    a. Presentation Slides (PDF)
    b. Handouts
         i. Example of Jigsaw in Medical Education
         ii. Jigsaw Exercise: Vulnerable Populations
         iii. Jigsaw Activity for Faculty Development
  7. Lessons Learned: Conversations about Team-Based Learning
    a. Presentation Slides (PDF)

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