Student evaluations are completed online through our E*Value system, and sent to you via email two times during the semester.  You would normally receive the mid-term evaluation during the 7th week of the semester and the final evaluation two weeks before the semester ends. 

The email sent to you contains a link from our vendor, e*value, that you will need to use to complete the student’s clinical evaluation.  It is critical that this evaluation be completed electronically so that we can provide feedback to the student on his/her performance this semester, centralize our student records, and make the process less time consuming for you.

A sample of the electronic evaluation will open as a pop up when you follow this link. It is recommended that you review the evaluation with the student mid-semester as an opportunity to evaluate the students’ progress towards the semester’s goals.   

The evaluation tool is organized according to the skills necessary to provide primary care.  Characteristics to evaluate include such areas as: data collection, clinical assessment, communication/interactions, diagnostic reasoning, management plan, consultation, documentation, and practice management. 

  • First term advanced-practice students (spring semester) would be expected to function at “novice” and “advanced beginner” levels, with a preponderance of “advanced beginner” ratings. 
  • Second term advanced-practice students (summer and fall semesters) would be expected to function at “advanced beginner” and “competent” levels. 
  • Third term advanced-practice students (Spring semester) should function at the “competent” and “proficient” levels, though some very competent students may not have any “proficient” ratings. 

If there are any safety or professionalism concerns about your student at any time, please contact the clinical faculty member noted on your confirmation letter immediately.  If there is any difficulty reaching this person, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Clinical Education.

Please make sure to take advantage of the narrative section where you can describe the student’s strengths and weaknesses and contains a statement that you (as preceptor) either agree or disagree that the student should be allowed to progress to the next clinical level. 

It is our hope that you would discuss this evaluation with your student so they may further benefit from the experience with you.  An ideal time to discuss this evaluation may be during the site visit with the clinical faculty.

Nursing Preceptor Info Form