Facilities Work Order Requests

Please submit all Work Order Requests for Facilities through the Institute Help Desk ticket system. There are two facilities options in the Help Topic drop-down box to choose:

  • Printer/Copier Issues
  • General Operations Issues

Note: Room reservations requests for meetings and events are submitted through EMS Room Reservations.

Work Order Request Classifications

Facilities will classify your Work Order Request into one of these three categories.

Rush: Serious disruption of facility operations or possible equipment damage. Estimated response time 1-2 hours, complete work in 24 hours.

Examples: Broken glass; lights out, inoperative switches or lights; ceiling leaks; toilets/urinals running
constantly; elevator repairs, door-lock problems, automatic door openers, ID badge issues, clogged sinks.

Urgent: Maintenance issues that do not compromise safety, but could affect the daily operations of the Institute. Estimated completion time 3-5 days.

Examples: Requests which can be worked into existing schedules; office key replacement; building/card access; water filtration systems; electrical/outlet issues; classroom supplies requiring vendor orders.

Routine: Preventative maintenance, planned and scheduled work. Advance notice is encouraged to allow for scheduling.  Estimated completion time 5-10 days.

Examples: Painting; furniture/office moves; shelving; wall hangings; phone/voicemail issues; vending machine issues; furniture requests; non-working appliances; extra carpet cleaning.

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