Expression of the Arts

April 08, 2019
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The IHP Musicians hosted Expression of the Arts, a casual afternoon showcase of artistic works by IHP students, faculty, and staff, on April 8. Performances included spoken word, photography, dance, singing, and music from members of all Institute disciplines.

View all of the performances on YouTube.

Featured Works

IHP Musicians, song: "Make You Feel My Love." Soloists: Olivia Gampel, SLP '19, and Zhaoyu Lu, SLP '20.

Anna Do, OTD '21, original song: "Heartbeats."

Alex Lin, photography: Snow imagery.

Kara Moloney, NP '21, poetry and embroidery: Haiku poems, embroidered heart.

Amanda Gaskill, OTD '21, song: "What a Wonderful World."

SLP '20 students Crystal Arguello, Becca Myhill, Mika Genatossio, Allison Reid, and Danisha Bernard, song: "Send My Love."

Alyssa Savery, SLP '19, dance: Stepping.

First year PT students Geordon Smith, Eileen Richards, Rebecca Langdon, and Jason Hsieh, song: "Shallow."

Allison Aaron, SLP '19, and Maria Galassi, SLP '19, accompanied by Academic Support Counselor Mike Boutin, song: "In His Eyes."

Kamaria Washington, DPT '20, poem: Spoken word.

Alex Haney, OTD '21, and Jason Knowles, NP '20, song: "Dawned on Me."