Equity Advocates Recognized

January 06, 2022
Equity Advocates
Equity advocates were recognized in December 2021 for completing their training.

A total of 25 staff and faculty have completed a comprehensive training program to become Equity Advocates to assist the MGH Institute’s strategic priority of increasing the number of faculty members from underrepresented groups.

Launched in January 2020, the Equity Advocate training program involves participants taking approximately eight hours of online asynchronous modules and two synchronous workshops, after which time they have the option to serve as an Equity Advocate for faculty searches.

The role of the Equity Advocate is to ensure a fair, consistent process that minimizes the impacts of cognitive and structural biases. Among their responsibilities are being able to explore assumptions, norms, and practices that might hinder full consideration of each candidate’s credentials and contributing to position announcement development, recruitment, screening, interviews, and reference checks. 

All members of a faculty search committee are considered active advocates for the MGH Institute’s commitment to create a diverse and inclusive community.

Several advocates have already participated in faculty searches. The program was developed by the Equity Advocate Steering and Curriculum Committee during the fall of 2019. 

First cohort members: Donna Applebaum, PT; Jessica Bell, Library; Luella Benn, OSAS; Alison Cirino, GC; Michelle Deocampo, PT; Mary Ellen Ferolito, SHRS; Hailey Laflin, PT; Emilie Larrivee, CSD; Sarah McKinnon, OT; Tony Sindelar, Provost; and Indigo Young, CSD.

Second cohort members: Esther Ayuk, CSD; Anna Cottrell, OES; Maureen Flynn, GC; Annie Fox, SHL; Joyce LaTulippe, Provost; Lisa O’Brien, SON; Suzanne Pennington, CSD; Tasneem Pota, Provost; Lauren Putnam, OES; Ann Seman, GC; Megan Schliep, CSD; Jackie Tang, PT; John Wong, OT/SON; and Amanda Worek, CSD.

Equity Advocate Steering and Curriculum Committee: Russ Abbatiello, OSAS; Peter Cahn, Provost; Ali Davis, HR; Clara Gona, SON; Keshrie Naidoo, PT/SHRS; Kimberly Truong, JEDI; and Sarah Welch, HR.