DPT Students Use Flipgrid to Show Skills

June 24, 2020
Student using Flipgrid

Doctor of Physical Therapy students took to the virtual airwaves to demonstrate their psychomotor skills in response to migrating their learning to an online platform. Watch a short video and read more below:

Students in the Patient/Client Management: Cervicothoracic and Craniomandibular Disorders course, taught by Assistant Professor Keshrie Naidoo and Associate Professor Doug Gross, put together videos on Flipgrid after watching the faculty perform an assessment or treatment technique. 

“There were many anticipated benefits to this technology,” said Dr. Naidoo. “Students would watch themselves perform the skill, self-assess, and have the opportunity to reshoot the video multiple times before submitting. We really gained an appreciation of their creativity.”

Video examples included Christina Lee playing the role of both patient and therapist, Evelyn Chodock evaluating her mother for cervicogenic dizziness, Miguel Abreu demonstrating on his mother an assessment of light touch sensation in Spanish, and Lan Tran evaluating a future DPT student. 

After submitting the videos, the students received individualized feedback from Dr. Naidoo and Dr. Gross via video responses.

“It was a challenge to convert the course, but the students did a great job adapting to it,” Naidoo said.