Matina Souretis Horner, PhD

Photo of Dr. Horner
Dr. Horner served as a trustee of the MGH Institute of Health Professions for 27 years, including Chair of the Board from 1995-2005, providing extraordinary leadership at a time of uncertainty that assured stability and a foundation for the Institute’s future success.

Dr. Horner’s contributions to the feminist scholarship – including her “fear of success” theory – are renowned, and transformed what was then known and understood in the newly emerging field of women’s studies. Her early leadership role as President of Radcliffe College (1972-1989) and her remarkable courage over the years in the face of pervasive social, political, and economic challenges further attest to her stature and impact. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter appointed Dr. Horner to the President’s Commission for the National Agenda for the 1980s.

Dr. Horner is the recipient of 18 honorary degrees, including the first ever granted by the IHP in 2016. Among her many other earned accolades are the Distinguished Bostonian Award, the Catalyst Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the Roger Baldwin Award from the MA Civil Liberties Union Foundation. In 2015, Dr. Horner continues to support, promote, and advocate for the MGH Institute’s mission and goals in her role as honorary trustee.