2015-2016 Curriculum Plan - CAS in Physical Therapy

Current Curriculum Plan

The CAS for International Physical Therapists requires completion of a minimum of six courses (15 to 18 credits) within an area of focus. Students may choose an individualized program of study as well. Each student works with an academic advisor to select courses and to develop an educational plan to fit his or her own needs.

Students must take PT-865 and must also choose one of the following: PT-740 (2cr), PT-755 (2cr), PT-855 (3cr). PH-842 (2cr), PT-863 (3cr). Descriptions are below. All remaining credits will need to be approved by your academic advisor.


Requirements List

PH-842 Exercise Physiology and Lab 3
PT-740 Meas Principles for PT Pract 2
PT-755 Found Clin Assess in PT 3
PT-855 Clinical Decision-Making 3
PT-865 Intro to Patient Client Management Frameworks 2
School Year: