CSD Antiracism Statement

The CSD Department at the MGH Institute of Health Professions joins with our students and our alumni in fighting against systemic racism and oppression in health care, education, and the world. We are committed to taking action to address inequities and disparities in the professional world of speech-language pathology and in the education of speech-language pathology students.

We stand with our students and others who experience oppression, marginalization, and other forms of injustice. We come to this fight with humility and the desire to learn and grow; we strive to do better than we have until now to promote equity for and with our students and for the people that we serve as a profession.

We pledge to continuously do the work it takes to be proactively antiracist until the mission of ensuring that every member of our IHP community feels safe, welcome, and supported is fully realized and all members of our community are able to flourish and thrive.

We'd like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of the students, staff, and faculty who share feedback, resources, and more to help us continue to learn and grow. We will make public in this forum and others the actions that we take to create change and uphold these values and beliefs.