Community Engagement: Harvard-Kent Elementary School

Image of crayon drawings

Harvard/Kent student drawings
for Health Education


The Harvard-Kent Elementary School in Charlestown is one of our community partners. Harvard-Kent was in need of a health education curriculum and reached out to the School of Nursing to help develop it.

Two groups of ABSN community health students, under the clinical supervision of clinical instructors Tayla Murphy and Liz Planasky, met weekly with the students and developed an age-appropriate curriculum for each grade level. 




Impact Statement

Impact statement from Harvard-Kent to Community Health Assistant Professor Raquel Reynolds, PhD, RN, MSN, PHCNS-BC:

Dear Ms. Reynolds,

I am sending this email with the intent of sharing my perspective of the impact your recent team of  nurses had on the Harvard/Kent community.  When asked if we could use a few future nurses during lunch & recess, as I am prone to do,  I quickly said yes, disregarding the  thought in my head, "How is this going to work?".  If asked that question today, the answer would be the same, but the thought in my head would be "Absolutely! ".

Regrettably, when Caroline, Katrina, Maggie, Renee, and Alera came up to me to say bye, I failed to eloquently express my thoughts regarding their individual and team, effort, demeanor, and impact as it relates to our 430 students.

Suffice to say it was an impressive blend of professionalism, confidence, competence and most importantly humanity. 

From our community to yours: Thank You MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Sincerely Offered,

Kevin O'Halloran​
Harvard-Kent staff member