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-September 14, 2020-

Dear Students:

As part of your matriculation to the Institute for the Fall 2020 term, you attested to the Commit @ IHP (“Commit”) policy. Your attestation indicates your acceptance to comply with the responsibilities and actions specified. The guidance provided was developed with recommendations from our colleagues across Mass General Brigham and is consistent with advice provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Commit is applicable to students, faculty, and staff.

At this time, we are writing to reiterate your obligation to comply with Commit as a requirement for your continued enrollment in IHP activities on and off campus. Additionally, we want to further explain the potential impacts and consequences of non-compliance. The Institute policy on this issue is simple: compliance with Commit is a standard for enrollment at the IHP. The risk of non-compliance is a health threat to all those with whom you have contact, and therefore zero tolerance of violations is required.

Each academic program has a set of obligations, norms, and rules that are specified in their handbooks. Any infraction to the Commit pledge will result in disciplinary action. The process for discipline is described in your respective program handbook, all provided online for every student upon entry to their program. However, the IHP has identified the following COVID related issues of particular concern and prohibition:
1.    failure to comply with governmental or Mass General Brigham rules regarding return to Massachusetts;
2.    disregard for instructions provided by faculty and/or staff regarding safety precautions;
3.    disregard, tampering of, or removal of signage, furniture, or other markings designed to protect others;
4.    failure to comply with IHP social media policy;
5.    failure to comply with requirements for handwashing, social distancing, use of PPE, or isolation, as specified in Commit;
6.    other actions that show disregard for the safety of our students, faculty and/or staff, or the larger community;
7.    attending indoor and outdoor activities where proper protocols are not consistent with Commit, state and local statute, or Mass General Brigham guidelines.

When a student fails to comply with Commit, their academic program will consider the degree of risk, the student’s demonstrated commitment to correct their behavior, and other relevant factors as consequences for non-compliance are determined. Examples of possible disciplinary actions include but are not limited to:
1.    documentation in the student’s file of a first and final warning;
2.    temporary loss of access to campus (including clinical education);
3.    loss of practicum assignments;
4.    probationary status; and,
5.    suspension or dismissal without refund of tuition and fees. 

Our intent in sharing the Commit @ IHP: COVID-19 Compliance Policy is to assure widespread communication of the Institute’s commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy environment and to provide transparent guidance to the various academic programs and students with regard to non-compliance.

In closing, we remind you of the importance of taking the Commit pledge seriously and embracing the enhanced safety precautions required of us all. This is how you can keep yourself and everyone in our community safe – and help keep our campus open. While this semester will be challenging, your education and career goals are worth the effort. Together as one IHP community, we must Commit to our health, safety, and shared goals.

Thank you for your attention and full compliance with the Commit pledge.

Jack Gormley
Dean of Student and Alumni Services

Denis Stratford
Chief Operating Officer

IHP Communications

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