How do I know what I am eligible for? 

You will first be considered for Federal funds. Those students who don’t meet all the criteria for Federal Funds will be considered for Institutional Funds.  

What is the eligibility criteria for the Federal CARES act?

•    Must be a matriculated student in a degree-seeking program
•    Must file a FAFSA and be eligible to receive Title IV aid 
•    Enrollment was impacted by COVID-19 and have expenses incurred for housing, food, course materials, technology, healthcare, or childcare 
•    Must complete Special Conditions Form
•    Must not be enrolled in a fully online program
•    Special Consideration given to students who have exhausted all Title IV resources including loans 

What is the eligibility criteria for the Federal CRRSAA act?

The Department of Education has made CRRSAA funds accessible to more students than the CARES.  Assistance from the CRRSAA Act is prioritized for students with exceptional financial need.  

What expenses does this emergency funding cover?

The CARES ACT funding can help to defray costs that were incurred if they are related to the disruption of campus operations or related to the change in delivery of classes.   

The following extra expenses can be considered for CRRSAA funds"
Rent (paying for double rent, or extending rental agreement), food, books, supplies, travel/transportation, technology, child care and health care 

What happens if I don’t meet the criteria for Federal Funding?

You should still use the Special Circumstances Form to apply for emergency funding since we have also established a limited amount of institutional funding for those students who don’t qualify under the Federal funds.

How do I apply for all emergency funding? 

Use the Special Circumstances Form or visit the front page of the financial aid website under Student Emergency Grants to find the link to the Special Circumstances Form. 

How much can I receive?

Due to limited funding and high demand, students can receive up to $1000.

How will I receive the funding?

This grant will be disbursed and sent to your bank account on file or you may receive a check.  Checks can take up to 3 weeks, so direct deposit is preferred.

What if I need more than what I was granted?

Due to limited funding and high need, we can only allot up to $1000.  If you need additional assistance or need help paying your bills, please contact us and we can work with you to set up a financial plan to help you pay your bill.  

Will everyone who applies receive an Individual Emergency Grant?

No, due to limited funding, the funding will be limited to the most needy students.

If I receive a grant from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, is it taxable? 

No. Emergency financial aid grants under the CARES Act are qualified disaster relief payments per the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and will not be taxable.

What if I have more questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or call us at 617-726-2788