Charlestown Health Care Scholarship

for graduating seniors.

Deadline: May 29, 2020


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A consortium of affiliates from Partners HealthCare – MGH Charlestown HealthCare Center, MGH Institute of Health Professions, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital – have joined to offer high school students who live in Charlestown up to $6,000 in scholarships.


The scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who live in Charlestown and plan on enrolling in a program of study leading to a health career at the associate degree level or higher. Applicants must:

  • Be  a current resident of Charlestown and have lived in Charlestown for a minimum of two years;
  • Only first year, first degree students are eligible;
  • Be enrolled in a program of study leading to a health career at the associate degree level or higher;
  • Have achieved a minimum 2.75 high school GPA at the time of application;
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to community service in Charlestown

Complete and sign the Scholarship Application (PDF). Application may be mailed or emailed to:

MGH Institute of Health Professions
ATTN: Andrew Criscione, Strategic Communications
Charlestown Navy Yard
36 1st Avenue
Charlestown, MA 02129-4557
Email: Andrew Criscione (please put “Scholarship Application” in Subject line)

Previous Year Winners

Previous Years'
Scholarship Recipients

bullet point Anna Chen
bullet point Emily Ringrose
bullet point Kiley Doris
bullet point Rory Carrier

Not awarded.

bullet point Brian Askew
bullet point Caroline Collier
bullet point Livia Kelly
bullet point Emily Pardy

bullet point Katlyn Reid
bullet point Teaghan McLaughlin

bullet point Mackaila Garcia
bullet point Nathaly Guerrero
bullet point Caroline Ward
bullet point Kailey Zhu

bullet point Bridget Collier
bullet point Mather Hoyt
bullet point Sheryl Lubin

bullet point Matthew Johnson
bullet point Brendan Baker

bullet point Caitlee Carrier
bullet point Sarah Shaheen

bullet point Derek Bieringer
bullet point Catherine Taglilatela

bullet point Mary Gillen
bullet point Mistral Horacius

bullet point Ian Box