Bobbie Ann Adair White, EdD, MA

BA White
Adjunct Associate Professor
Health Professions Education

Dr. White is an educator, coach, and consultant. Acting as a learning mediator and coach, BA teaches in the following content areas: conflict management, teams in medicine, leadership and educational administration, and health professions education.

Her formal education consists of a bachelor of arts in psychology with a minor in sociology, a master of arts in industrial and organizational psychology, and a doctorate in educational leadership with a dissertation entitled “Conflict Management Education as a tool for Leadership Development in the Intensive Care Unit”.

She questions assumptions and conclusions, assisting individuals in deepening their knowledge and understanding, enabling skill development such as: critical thinking, life-long learning, and humility. Ultimately, her passion is to help others achieve their goals, which drives the majority of her work.  In that quest, she has led the development of curriculum for leadership, communication, and conflict management sessions. Additionally, she is an author for a textbook entitled Cultivating Leadership In Medicine, which was developed to help teach leadership in medicine as well as to help institutions create leadership programs. 

BA serves in several roles which include: Adjunct Associate Professor within the Health Professions Education program at MGH IHP; President for the Innovation and Leadership Special Interest group with the AAMC; Consultant with Baylor Scott & White Health’s Department of Surgery in Temple, TX for professional development and coaching. 

Dr. White is active in her community, serving on the Board of Trustees for Salado Independent School District. And, she often says she is married to medicine, as her husband is a Physician leader. They share two adorable kiddos (JuliAnn (photo credit) and Preston), and a sweet rescue dog, Sam.

Research Interests

Dr. White’s interest in research includes medical education, leadership, and career development. Additionally, she finds value in many projects so she often helps others achieve their research goals.


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