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Jan 16, 2011
Photo of Alex Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP

Wouldn't’ this have been a great headline on the Institute website?  At about the same time that MLK was assassinated, the Institute was in its earliest formative years.  Wouldn't’t it have been something if Dr. King had been able to have given the first commencement address or speak at the Schwartz rounds?   His message, I am sure, would have been one that focused on urgency for bringing access to all, eliminating disparities and barriers to health care, and assuring that the needs of all people and all providers were addressed.  


Earlier today I heard a talk regarding Dr. King’s message.  The speaker, Dr. Anne Bonnyman, an Episcopal Priest at Trinity Church Boston, referred to a letter that King wrote while imprisoned in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.   A portion of that letter reads:


"I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta, and not be...Read more

Jan 13, 2012
Photo of Alex Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP


Congratulations and thanks to the IHP faculty, staff and leadership who have made 2CC a reality.  This new 20,000 sq. foot space next to the US Constitution is a game changer for our academic life together. Rather than write the story, I am choosing to post some pix I took during the opening day for our new ABSN cohort.  They started their day in the new active learning center.   Welcome new students and welcome 2CC!  Great way to start the New Year!


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Sep 16, 2013
Janis P. Bellack

On a beautiful sunny day in April, countless lives were touched and, for some, irretrievably altered by the horrific and senseless bombings that marked an abrupt and gruesome ending to this year’s Boston Marathon, and shook the foundations of our community. Many have already written about and commented poignantly and eloquently on the unimaginable destruction, grievous deaths and injuries, heroic bystanders and first responders, and the surreal days that followed. Atul Gawande, a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, posted a notable blog for The New Yorker two days after the bombings, lauding the coordinated and skilled responses of Boston’s hospitals in saving the life of every victim who was not killed outright. But beyond the emergency treatment, surgeries, and stabilization Gawande describes so well, what soon became apparent was that healing, recovery and a return to daily life for the victims and their families depended primarily on the...Read more

Oct 1, 2013
Photo of Alex Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP


In my last post I described the IMPACT program. Anyone who has been at the IHP for the past two semesters has certainly heard of IMPACT and what we are trying to accomplish. This interprofessional set of experiences for our students, clustered under this new logo, is providing a fresh and welcomed approach to our long time commitment to interprofessional education.

For the IHP community, and the larger community, this new image and new set of activities is designed to impact all of us by imprinting within our lexicon and within our day to day teaching and learning a highly principled approach to our practice. Our long standing discourse about "working together" has taken on a new level of commitment that is far reaching.

For our newest students, IMPACT means that they were being approached (electronically) about interprofessional issues prior...Read more

Jun 22, 2013

We decided to experience some more South African culture during our last weekend of our trip. On Saturday, we headed to uShaka Marine World. uShaka opened in 2004 and offers an aquarium, a beach, and an amusement park. Most of our day was spent at the aquarium. The shark tank was by far our favorite. On Sunday we headed to Tala Game Reserve before heading to King Shaka Airport. We had a great Ranger for our guided game drive. We were able to see rhinoceroses, zebras, wildebeests, hippopotamuses and numerous other animals. We all had a wonderful time on our trip and we learned so much. We are very thankful to everyone we met and will miss South Africa very much!Read more

Jun 20, 2013

On Thursday (6/13) we said our goodbyes to Port Shepstone and the lovely friends we made with both staff at Murchison Hospital and with the Johns Hopkins group.  Our journey back was beautiful and we arrived safely in Durban. We met with a man from McCord Hospital’s former HIV+ choir. We discussed the many amazing accomplishments of the choir and his perspective on South African healthcare. We then gave him clothing donations that we had gathered in the US from friends and family for him to give to a local community. On Friday (6/14) we traveled to the University of KwaZulu-Natal to meet with Busi Ncama, the Dean of both the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health, who began to enlighten us on the challenges of advanced practice nursing in South Africa.  She graciously gave us the opportunity to tour two hospitals in Durban. We first toured...Read more

Sep 12, 2014
Peter Cahn

This year's Schwartz Center Educational Rounds will focus on caring for patients with dementia. The theme sprung from a common reading assignment given to all incoming entry-level graduate students as an introduction to the IMPACT Practice curriculum. Still Alice is a novel by Lisa Genova that recounts a first-person perspective of the diagnosis and treatment for early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. In discussing the book, students debated whether Alice lost her identity or became her true self when stripped of her memories and professional abilities. One student remarked, "I loved reading Still Alice. It helped open up my eyes and my thoughts to how it really feels to be the one living with the disability. I feel that the common themes of the reading will help me treat my future clients with a further amount of respect as I keep in mind how hard their situation might be." To...Read more

Jun 4, 2013

Zulu Scholars 2013

Monday was our first full day at Murchison Hospital. We arrived at the hospital in the morning to learn about the national data collection and structure of patient care. The first part of the day was spent learning about the process of data capturing at the hospital. The data is extremely important; without it, South Africa nationally cannot critically analyze how well DR-TB treatment is working, overall patient outcomes, and a variety of other information from a public health and health care standpoint. The registers (the manual book that contains a summary of patient treatment and outcomes) ask for DR-TB information because they want to capture MDR-TB (multi-drug resistant), XDR-TB (extremely drug resistant) data, and TDR-TB (totally resistant) data, although the hospital does not treat anything but TB and MDR-TB patients. The data in the register must then be...Read more

Sep 23, 2015

Adrianna Escarpita team1

Hello, I am Adriana Escarpita an occupational therapy student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. I recently traveled abroad to Europe; I visited Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Iceland, Estonia, and Denmark. During this time I also completed the Innovation Program (IIP). The IIP was a 5-week program in Helsinki, Finland. The purpose of the program was to develop a concept that can be implemented at a particular senior living home in Finland. The site that I was assigned to requested our group’s help in unifying the different diverse groups existing at the center. Although completing our project was important I feel like the process leading to it was the most interesting part of my experience. Our group in itself was very diverse; it was interdisciplinary and international. We learned so much from each other’s cultures, political views,...Read more

Feb 8, 2017

MGH IHP Celebrates 40 Years

The Institute is happy to celebrate 40 years! Here are some of the memories that our students, faculty and staff have submitted.


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