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February 8, 2017

Cheers to 40 years!

The Institute is happy to celebrate 40 years! Here are some of the memories that our students, faculty and staff have submitted.
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December 1, 2010

Wake Up; It's December Already

December Thought #1: From all of my years in school (when have I ever NOT been in school?), December is always a memorable time. In elementary school, December meant holiday planning and celebrations; in high school and college it meant looking forward to a much desired break; and now in my professional life it almost always means time to "take stock." One of the things that I have been thinking about as I take stock of this year is--how fast we are moving to the future. I am so optimistic about our future at the Institute, that I almost can't remember all we have been accomplishing. Rather,...
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December 8, 2014

Voyage to Pluto

When Greg O'Brien started out as an investigative reporter, he would tell his sources they were going to "Pluto" when he wanted to have an off-the-record conversation. Now that he contends with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, Greg still finds the Pluto metaphor apt. The memory loss, cognitive decline, and anger can leave him feeling as isolated as the distant planet. Greg O'Brien will share his story with Institute students at the Ann W. Caldwell President's Lecture: Interprofessional Rounds on Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at Bunker Hill Community College. Greg O'Brien was...
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January 4, 2011

The King's Speech (Pathologist)

Happy 2011! I hope that each and every member of the IHP community had a wonderful break, a good rest, and joins me in looking forward to a lively semester! Part of my break time was filled with seeing a few films. One that was memorable for me was "The King's Speech". This film is receiving great reviews for the acting performance, the strong writing, and its historical significance. I liked it for all of those reasons. However, my reason for discussing "The King's Speech" in this blog is because of some important take home messages offered. First of all, let me reveal...
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October 1, 2014

Need a Lift?

I’m not talking about plastic surgery here. I am talking about a different type of lift, a lift in spirit. One that “lifts your face” by encouraging a spontaneous smile. And one that lifts your heart because there is so much good happening around you. My first lift occurred on Friday, September 21. I had the opportunity to observe over 300 students coming together to provide community service all over the city of Boston, with support from more than 50 faculty members and staff of the IHP for the school’s third annual Community Day. The logistics for this enterprise are staggering. Kudos (is...
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June 5, 2013

May WAS Better Hearing and Speech Month

If you read the “IHP News” you know that in May each year, associations and professionals and patients that care about speech and hearing celebrate these functions. I have procrastinated on a well-intentioned blog about May being “Better Hearing and Speech Month. I have lots of excuses: 1. I already wrote a blog about Nurses Week earlier in the month. 2. Since I recently have experienced my first personal experience with speech and hearing problems, it’s just too hard to talk about in a blog. 3. !Having spent the last 30+ years focused on this particular set of conditions, there is just too...
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November 25, 2013

Introduction: What is Connected Health, and Why Should We Care?

Introduction: A scenario Imagine being transported back in time, say, fifteen years ago. Pre-Facebook and Twitter. Before “google” was a verb. The era when the terms “information super highway” and “cyberspace” could be used without eliciting a nostalgic smirk. Back then, I would have never imagined a future where a thumb-sized device would reside on my belt, silently sending data about my daily physical activity and sleep habits to a mini-computer in my pocket (that also made phone calls), and compiling it into a personal graph, on the internet. I never thought that my bathroom scale in the...
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January 15, 2015

Food and Nutrition in Manipal, India

Hello from India. I am in my final semester of the direct entry NP program, adult/geriatric acute care track. I worked as a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition support before starting school at MGH IHP. I am also a lover of food. We have had the chance to try a variety of new and exciting foods, have seen some of what local people eat and what their nutrition problems are, visited a community nutrition program for children and observed nutrition support in the hospital. When we first arrived to India, we were not always sure what we were eating but we have learned a lot. The above...
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October 26, 2012

Fantastic Gala 2012

Last night, the Institute’s annual gala (35th birthday celebration!) was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston’s Innovation District, the seaport. The venue was beautiful. As always, friends of the IHP filled the room. Old friends found each other, student scholars were recognized, fantastic staff members made the evening sparkle, there was a lovely dinner. Even though much of the pattern was the same as in previous years, each gala has a unique story to share or a unique focus. For last night’s event, several unique features come to mind. First of all, the key video presentation focused on...
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January 6, 2015

Day Four: En La Escuela

Several months ago, we had our first team meeting to discuss this trip. I remember learning about the bateys and I developed my own preconceptions of what they'd be like. I even found myself feeling a little bit nervous about what I might see during my travels. First and foremost, I was nervous about the possible lack of restrooms. I imagined myself out in the fields with a roll of toilet paper and an army of animals around me. I was also nervous about meeting the people we would serve. Language and cultural barriers can be difficult to work through. My first visit to a batey was actually a...
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