Wake Up; It's December Already

Dec 1, 2010

December Thought #1:  From all of my years in school (when have I ever NOT been in school?), December is always a memorable time.   In elementary school, December meant holiday planning and celebrations; in high school and college  it meant looking forward to a much desired break; and now in my professional life it almost always means time to "take stock."  One of the things that I have been thinking about as I take stock of this year is--how fast we are moving to the future.  I am so optimistic about our future at the Institute, that I almost can't remember all we have been accomplishing.   Rather, I keep wanting to jump ahead to that next exhilarating step.  I know that everyone doesn't always embrace my enthusiasm for change, and I am trying to be respectful of that.  At the same time, I am so excited about what is to come.

This December, I am making a resolution to look back with appreciation for the wonderful environment in which I work (with each of our faculty members, staff, and students); the accomplishments of our faculty; and the responsibilities that we all take so seriously. As we look ahead together, I am promising myself and all of you to remember the Institute's long history of successful leadership and the recent work that has brought us to this exciting threshold.   More about that in January.....

December Thought # 2:  Today is December 1 and that means it is World AIDS Day.  How far our health care and social systems have come in prevention, treatment, and support of those with AIDS and HIV.  We work in an environment-Partners, MGH, Brigham and of course, the Institute-that has consistently demonstrated strong leadership about AIDS and also in serving those with this disease in a responsible, helpful, and respectful manner.  Today, I am particularly proud of those on our faculty, particularly some of our nursing colleagues, who have exemplified this leadership.   It is suggested that we wear "red" on AIDS awareness day.  Today, I am wearing and AIDS pin that was given to me by some health workers when I visited South Africa in honor of our nursing colleagues at the Institute.  Thanks for your leadership in our program, in Boston, and around the world.

December Thought #3:  Were you able to attend our first ACADEMIC TOWN MEETING?  It was held on November 22 and was well attended by the academic community.  If you missed it, the slides from my comments are available on the intranet.   As always, I am happy to answer any questions or hear comments from the Institute community.

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