Aug 27, 2013

For some reason, when something is "sold out" it's value is increased dramatically. The housing market in Boston has gone a bit wild recently, because of the lack of availability of homes on the market. This has driven prices up and the competition for desirable houses, apartments, and condos is intense. It seems that limitations in access make things highly desirable. We see this in the fierce competition for admission to many of our academic programs each year.

Over the past two days, many of our faculty development sessions have been "sold out."  Although the competition and dollar price of these sessions are dissimilar to housing or getting into grad school,  the feeling of value by many of our faculty members is not dissimilar. Those who are involved in supporting our faculty members including the IT team, the Design and Library team, and many faculty leaders have all worked together to produce an education product that is so customized and meaningful for all of us!  We are so fortunate. I believe that our development opportunities are among THE BEST!

I hope that all of the Institute's faculty members and leaders have been able to benefit from one or more of these great sessions. If not, be sure to look online as many of them will be recorded and archived via Faculty Compass.  The whole package of opportunities and information that is available for us is designed to help us connect, teach, learn, and inspire in new ways. Be sure not to miss these chances! While the sessions are full and "sold out"  they are readily available to all of us.

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