PT Club Celebrates Physical Therapy Month in October

Sep 30, 2015

October is Physical Therapy Month across the nation, and could not come at a better time for the Institute. The PT Club is a student organization dedicated to the development of students into professionals who will soon enter the workforce. In addition to regional educational seminars, several national conferences for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) are held throughout the year. These events are meant to further the physical therapy field by exposing professionals to various research studies being conducted. This ensures that physical therapists are able to give their patients the most optimal care, having gained different perspectives on patients’ identified problems. To encourage student participation at these events, the PT Club actively fundraises to sponsor its members up to $100 if they register for a conference.

As classes start back up, fundraising has begun to keep this sponsorship possible. Throughout the year we try to raise money using various avenues including bake sales and partnering with local restaurants to receive a percentage of sales as a donation. Doubling as fellowship activities, these keep students engaged and invested in their education. Since Physical Therapy Month is upon us, the PT Club has been working towards increased fundraising goals to support more and more students going to conferences. Last year, 12 Entry-Level DPT students attended APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. We are hoping for even more participation at this year’s conference in Anaheim, CA. The PT Club is looking to host several educational events for students to improve their examination and intervention skills as means of fundraising.

Lastly the PT Club participates in the annual Marquette Challenge for the Foundation for Physical Therapy (FPT). The Challenge is designed as a competition between physical therapy graduate programs to raise funds for the FPT. Last year’s PT Club efforts garnered a $3000 donation, earning us an Honorable Mention for the Challenge. Planning for the IHP’s 10th Annual Dodgeball Tournament has begun, which is our capstone fundraising effort for the cause. This year’s tournament will take place on Saturday, January 23, 2015 at Judge Baker Children’s Center with an anticipated participation of 120 volunteers and participants.

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