Our Clinical Partners

Jun 29, 2010

Last week, the Institute celebrated our partnerships with preceptors from two of our major "partners within Partners." These events, held at Spaulding Boston, Spaulding Cambridge, Spaulding's Shaunnesy-Kaplan, and at Mass General were attended by over 100 preceptors, administrators and guests. The events represented a deliberate gesture by the Institute to express our thanks to those friends and colleagues who do so much for us. Over the past year, in partnership with our Clinical Affairs Coordinating Committee, I have had the remarkable opportunity to consider the impact of our clinical partners. Ours is a unique situation, as we are housed within a major health system. Almost all of our students will spend a significant portion of their clinical education with PHS programs. How fortunate they are to learn from these remarkable clinicians, many who are alumni of the Institute. How fortunate we are to have these dedicated, loyal, and trusted friends to add value to the educational enterprise. For the 300 plus students a week who "partner within Partners" we can never be grateful enough. I mention this because I hope that you will all do the following: (1) say thank you every chance you get to our preceptors and their administrators in MI, Nursing, PT, and CSD; (2) remind students to say thanks, send a thank you note to a valued preceptor, and to be as responsive and focused as they can in their clinical activities; (4) spend time in your program/ faculty meetings to learn about the clinical enterprise for your program; problem solve where necessary; and identify "clinical heroes and heroines" in your discipline (and then find ways to honor them.

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