From Mertie Potter and Sara Smoller, January 9th 2017

Jan 13, 2017

Sara and I are so proud of this team. They have been working so hard and well together. They truly are a group of servant leaders. At Bateyes Esperanza on Monday, January 9th, we had the privilege of serving 103 beautiful people. We were working alongside a Dominican dentist, Haitian/Dominican interpreters, a church team from Rhode Island, an internal medicine physician from GA who practices at the VA, a family practice physician on a grant exploring ways to help service/mission groups communicate and collaborate on work in the Dominican Republic. MGH-IHP students took on 5 United States Undergrad students for about 2 hours in the Bateyes. These students were a part of a program called GAP Medical Mission. These students are exploring medicine during their gap year to identify if it’s a profession they truly want to pursue while learning how to serve in the Dominican Republic. Service in the Bateyes includes: Educational workshops (Sex education, HIV, AIDS; Hypertension, Dental, Dermatology); Blood Pressure, pulse and weight screening; Assessment, diagnosis and treatment in conjunction with American and Dominican practitioners; Eye glass clinic, medication services (pharmacy) and education, interaction with the Bateyes community! IMG_1940 Sara Smoller & Mertie Potter  

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