MDR-TB Presentation & Observations

Jun 5, 2013

It was a very productive day here at Merchison Hospital. In addition to other activities, time was made for rounds of interesting observations in the male and female MDR-TB wards and for observing a physician engaging in follow up appointments. We met with patients who were looking quite well and were surprisingly cooperative. I am so intrigued with the positive attitudes and courtesy South Africans all have. Endless smiles with the willingness to help makes this place remarkable.

I was also given the opportunity to present my topic of MDR-TB and pregnancy to some of the enrolled nurses and staff. The meeting started with a gathering at an outside table area overlooking acres of rolling hills. Quite a few people showed up to this gathering where everyone joined together for a prayer with the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. Announcements were then made, focusing on what was on the agenda and resolutions of issues anyone had. After the minutes were read by one of their staff members, I was kindly introduced by Dr. Jason Farley, Johns Hopkins’ Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing. When I began my talk, I was extremely nervous but so grateful that I was given a chance to teach and even learn ways of practice from professionals who deal with this issue first hand. Dr. Corless said I did an excellent job of presenting my ideas and handling questions. (She insisted I state this here).

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