Off to a Great Start

Sep 14, 2010

We are off to a great start (why does it always feel like a race?) to our new academic year at the Institute. We have crossed a new enrollment threshold of 1000 students. This is largely due to unexpected growth in our part time and non degree programs, particularly the new year round opportunity for "prerequisites in the health professions." Yesterday we kicked off the year with a little early morning breakfast celebration for the faculty and staff.

This fall we welcome several new faculty colleagues to our community. New faculty members in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences-Meredith Bosley (CSD), Bonnie Halvorson-Bourgeois (CSD), Douglas Haladay (PT), Janet Kneiss (PT), and the new Associate Chair of Physical Therapy, Pamela Levangie (PT).

In the School of Nursing, new faculty members include Susan Carpenter, Theresa Evans, Amy Fuller, Susan Hamilton, Antonia Makosky, and Judith Webb. Stephen Coffey has also increased to a full time position this year.

As you welcome each new faculty member, be sure to let them know of your interests and activities. They will all be looking for ways to become involved in the life of the Institute.

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