A Good Day at the IHP

Jul 16, 2018

June 9, 2018

At the Institute, there are many great days every year. Today was one of those days for me. It was a home run kind of day. On one of the first really beautiful Saturdays of this spring, there was intense activity inside the IHP. The third floor of the Shouse Building was almost vibrating with learning. In each case the learning was voluntary (not required) and was collaborative.  

Walking down the hallway I bumped into some of our students who are enrolled in a voluntary medical Spanish course. This is not part of their curriculum, but something they have taken on at their own expense so that they can reach out and serve the large group of individuals who are non-English speakers.  I admire these students for their dedication and for the leadership that they model for all of us.  They inspire me.

Continuing down the hallway, I strolled (by accident) into a group of DNP students and faculty. They are here for one of their periodic intensive weekends of study.  The rest of their program is completed online.  These are nurse leaders and executives, all with at least a master's degree, who have voluntarily taken on this intensive two year course of study to complete their doctoral study in our remarkable Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Learning together, these nurse leaders are mapping next generation practices for our ever changing and ever challenging healthcare systems. They inspire me too.

Across the hall was my final destination for the day. I had the good fortune to attend the completion celebration for the 13 graduates in our MS in Health Professions program.  These individuals, from the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia are all earning this voluntary post-graduate degree.   They are an interprofessional group that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, and the first ever speech-language pathologist to complete this degree at the Institute. They attended a series of on campus activities over the past three days.  Their scholarly projects and their commitment to the education of health professionals will change the course and the quality of education in their own institutions and beyond.   Today’s event was made even more special because it is the last such event for Dr. Deborah Navedo, who was one of the founders of the program and served as program director since its first class was enrolled in 2011. These students, all busy professionals who have completed this rigorous program of study, inspire me too.   (Special congratulations to Assistant Professor Josh Merson of our PA program, one of today’s grads).  

I know I am fortunate to have my professional home in an institution deeply committed to serving such exemplary learners, to transforming healthcare and education, and building tomorrow’s leaders. I hope you all share my pride and inspiration.  

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