On Giving Thanks: Some IHP Thoughts

Nov 1, 2010

Almost every culture has a celebration of remembrance and gratitude. In the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving is the holiday where we spend time acknowledging those people and events that we appreciate most. In a few weeks, most of us will be spending time with friends or family (or maybe sharing time with a student or colleague who is new to Boston) and sharing in this great American holiday tradition.

This year, as I celebrate Thanksgiving with my own family, I will also be remembering some aspects of the Institute community for which I am most grateful.   First of all, I am so appreciative to be part of this remarkable group of colleagues and students. We are all working together to prepare the future leaders of health care delivery, and this is an honor beyond words.

I am grateful for those in the larger community who have their eyes (and hearts) on the Institute. Having just come from the annual Scholarship Gala, I am filled with appreciation for those who are so generous in support of our work, the volunteers who contribute so much to our strength and impact.

I am thankful to be part of the larger health system and education arena in Boston. Our city’s health institutions, especially our Partners’ colleagues, are transforming health care every day. Our friends in the health and education community add value to our educational programs, precept and mentor our students, and honor us by their commitment.

I am thankful for the enthusiastic and energetic staff who “keep the trains running on time” at the Institute. Our support structures are small, so as not to add to the cost of educating our students. Despite our size, our staff operates to get the job done, assures high quality services and responsiveness, and provides considerable value to the educational enterprise.

I could go on and on with this catalog of appreciation. Instead, I hope that my own reflection encourages you to think about the Institute community with gratitude.  Happy Thanksgiving to the whole community!


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