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May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19. Six of us from the MGHIHP and four colleagues from St. Louis make up our group of ten (nurses and pharmacists). (More about the St. Louis cohort in a subsequent post). We arrived in Swaziland without incident. Well almost without incident. The avid photographers in the group were chastened by the airport personnel when they took pictures of the Swazi flag and welcome to Swaziland materials on the airport building. It's not allowed. In any case our St. Louis colleagues met us and took us to the hotel. We settled in, and then met for an initial overview of our activities, did a quick grocery run for water and other essentials, and then had a relaxing dinner which we all enjoyed. After a good night's sleep, we travelled on Saturday morning to the well known glass factory here in Mbabane (the capital of Swaziland) where we found all sorts of Swazi arts and crafts. We did our share to help the local economy. This afternoon the group is visiting some caves where there are some wonderful bushman drawings. Given the challenging access (steep descent and challenging ascent), I volunteered to remain back and write to all of you. Not to worry, our Swazi Scholars are accompanied by two professors from St. Louis. I look forward to hearing about their adventures as I know you do as well. Inge

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