Dementia With Dignity

Sep 12, 2014

This year's Schwartz Center Educational Rounds will focus on caring for patients with dementia. The theme sprung from a common reading assignment given to all incoming entry-level graduate students as an introduction to the IMPACT Practice curriculum. Still Alice is a novel by Lisa Genova that recounts a first-person perspective of the diagnosis and treatment for early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. In discussing the book, students debated whether Alice lost her identity or became her true self when stripped of her memories and professional abilities. One student remarked, "I loved reading Still Alice. It helped open up my eyes and my thoughts to how it really feels to be the one living with the disability. I feel that the common themes of the reading will help me treat my future clients with a further amount of respect as I keep in mind how hard their situation might be." To carry those themes forward and explore how clinicians can offer care with compassion to people with dementia, the Schwartz Center Educational Rounds will present student reflections on their experiences of patients and family members with dementia. The dates and topics are:

Date Topic
Monday, September 29, 2014 Caring for patients with dementia: overcoming the stigma
Monday, November 3, 2014 Supporting families and caregivers of patients with dementia
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Using technology and music to assist patients with dementia
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 End of life care for patients with dementia

All rounds take place from 12:00 to 12:50 in Shouse 305. For three nonfiction, first-person accounts of how Alzheimer's affects a patient and his or her family, consider The Genius of Marian, a film by Banker White, On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's, a book by Greg O'Brien, and I'll Be Me, a movie about singer Glen Campbell. There will also be a Walk to End Alzheimer's in Boston on Sunday, September 28.

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