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Aug 15, 2010

If you haven't checked out the "Great Colleges to Work For" Site in The Chronicle of Higher Education, I hope you will do so soon. The Institute made the list this year, which is no surprise to most of us who work here. The commitment to excellent education, strong academic and clinical components, the commitment to transparency and trust, and the long standing sense of community are factors that have helped to place our Institute high on the list!

Now, I also think of some other reasons that I think we work in a great place. While not factors used in the Chronicle rankings, they are my personal favorites:

1. Our location---how fortunate we are to work and go to school on the harbor in the C'town Navy Yard! Knowing that our faculty and students travel from throughout the area every day, how great it is to convene in an area proximal to our city, close to our partner hospitals and clinics, and so strongly identified with Boston's historical and cultural heritage.
2. Our building(s)--have you had a chance to visit the facilities of other schools and colleges lately? We are so fortunate to have a historically significant, yet modern, beautiful building. A commitment to maintenance, high quality resources, high tech electronics, and loving care from our operations and facilities staff make the Shouse building and our offices in Building 34 and 39 welcoming, functional, and a source of pride!
3. Our staff: We have such a dedicated group of staff members, all committed to serving the faculty, students, and community. Whether they are raising funds, telling our story to the community, counseling, registering or assisting students, they all keep their eye on the goal of service, every day!
4. Our focus on service and education: From the moment one comes to the IHP, it is clear that the Institute is dedicated to the communities in which we work. Walk in the front door and you can't miss the Speech-Language-Literacy Center which serves over 200 patients per week. Head to the left and discover our state of the art simulation facility, where students and guests learn how to serve those with health care needs; and have you visited our new PT Center on the third floor, next to the NEW health assessment lab. The Institute always has an eye on the need for our students and faculty to engage in real world service and we live out that commitment in our facilities and also in the hundreds of practicum activities in which our students engage every day of every week!
5. Our students--Those who come to study at the Institute are quite a remarkable group. Because most of our students come without a background in the health professions, we have the wonderful and "awesome" responsibility of helping them learn the content of their discipline, while engaging in their formation as a health professional. I continue to be amazed at the broad background and interests, their passion for their own education as a platform to service in the world, and their unique portfolio of talents and expertise.
6. Our faculty--There is no "listing" of attributes that can fully describe our faculty. Look for an upcoming blog exclusively devoted to my expression of appreciation for those who teach and lead the Institute.

You might have some other thoughts on why the IHP is so great. I would love to hear your ideas!


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